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Design and Installation


IEE Wiring Regulations consider electrical installations in the bathroom to be a “special location” due to water increasing the risk of electric shock. Therefore anyone responsible for bathroom electrics should adhere stricly to BS7671 the ‘Requirements for Electrical Installations’ , which gives clear instructions relating to ‘Locations containing a bath or shower’. Also, if at any point you are unsure on installing your bathroom electrics seek advice from our professional London  electricians.
Bathroom wiring can include lights/downlights, extractor fan, mirror power, shaving socket, switches etc.  . Read more about bathroom wiring


consumer unit

Does your consumer unit has a RCD?
A residual current device (or 'RCD') will detect an earth leakage and isolate a circuit in milliseconds, before an accident can occur. You can check if your RCD is working properly by pressing its test button.

Is your consumer unit too old?
If your consumer unit cover gets cracked or broken, ensure that you replace it straight away. In older houses, you sometimes find a mixture of old fuse boxes attached to the fuse board beside the electricity meter. These can be dangerous, and we'd strongly advise you to replace it with the new one.

Consumer unit or the fuse box, is very important and the main part of your installation system in the house. It is there to distribute power according to your installation need and design, and more importantly to protect you and your house from fire or electrocution. The BS7671 regulation now requires that all installations in the house to be RCD protected, and the latest amendment requires the fusebox to be of metal closure.
Whether it is a garage mini -fuse - box, or you want to replace your old one, please ask for a quote here.


cooker replacement

A typical 45 amp cooker iaolatorInstalling or fitting an electric cooker must be done on its own circuit. An electric cooker cannot be spurred of any other circuit and must be controlled by its own fuse at the consumer unit. For this reason, if this is a new installation it counts as installing a new circuit and is forbidden by any other than a Part P qualified electrician.
Electric cookers draw huge amounts of current because of the heat they need to produce so a larger fuse is required as is thicker cable and a double pole isolating switch. Usually when a switch is installed it interrupts the live wire of the circuit. The switch breaks the connection in the live wire. An Isolator is a heavy duty double pole switch disconnecting the live and the neutral is broken so there is no fear of any residual current causing a shock when the switch is off.



dimmer switches


Installing a dimmer switchDimmer switches allow you to control the brightness of a light. This is achieved by regulating the amount of current flowing through the circuit.

The most basic, and consequently, the least expensive variety of switch, is the simple dial that you turn to click on, and turn further to make the light brighter. Obviously the reverse is true to dim and turn off. You can of course change the traditional rock switch to a dimmer switch. Tell us what plate finish you want and what type of light/bulbs you have or intend to use and we will be there for you. Please ask for a quote here..



downlighter_fireYou might want to get rid of your old pendant light and replace it with nice looking downlights. This is a bit tricky as it need more cabling pulled around the roomfixed-downlight ceiling, considering the decorated and carpeted spaces. But this is something we do time to time and manage to complete the fitting with little disturbance on the floor or ceiling.

Poorly installed downlighters are the cause of a significant number of fires in homes every year.


electrical shower

Electric shower installationLarge showers use a lot of power (load), and this can cause issues on older installations that may have consumer units that are not capable of handling this extra load, so before you even decide you want an electric shower, you should check your fuse board and the size of the supply coming in to your property.





kitchen installation

Kitchen electrical work It is essential that you get your kitchen electrics right when designing your kitchen
Hire a professional electrician from London Electrical Installation to install your kitchen electrics
If you are building a new house or just re-doing your kitchen it would be sensible to make sure spend time and money on the electrical work, because this is not a job you will want to revisit afterwards. When planning kitchen electrics there are three main things you will want to consider: the 13 amp socket circuit (for kitchen appliances), the 30 amp supply for high load appliances (such as electric cookers) and the lighting circuits. You must ensure that all three are carefully considered and meticulously planned so the end result is an easy to use kitchen.


full rewiring

It’s not usually hard to find out whether your house needs electrical rewiring. First of all, if fuses blow regularly, sockets overheat or do not work at all or other irregularities appear when you use electric devices, there is probably something wrong with the electrical wiring. If the wiring has not been replaced for 50 years or if the cables look worn, it is not advisable to wait until something goes wrong – electrical rewiring should be carried out as soon as possible by a qualified electrician. If the fuse box and the electrical wires are in good condition but you have only one or two sockets per room, it may also be a good idea to have an electrician install some additional sockets to avoid overloading the existing ones.


under floor heating

Why choose electric under floor heating?

Heating your house from underneath the floor means you can enjoy constant warmth in your rooms without having to unduly raise the air temperature. Conventional radiator systems create air currents with the heat first rising to ceiling level before descending towards the floor. This often makes the head feel hot and stuffy while the feet remain cold. Electric and under floor heating systems achieve a greater feeling of warmth at a lower air temperature as they typically only need to heat the floor to between 22 & 26°C, gently warming the whole floor and the room occupants from the ground up. See illustrations below


interior lighting

Lighting can determine the entire look and feel of any environment. Within your home you may want to employ differing lighting settings at varying times. Study areas and kitchen worktops could benefit from effective task lighting, while living areas are more suited to relaxing lighting.

Well thought out lighting design can improve not only the look of your home, but also the way you feel when you are in your home. London Electrical Installations can provide a complete design and installation on domestic or commercial properties access London.

We install garden, security, interior and outdoor lighting, work within your budget


outside lighting

With our help you can transform your outdoor space into a beautiful, ethereal wonderland that makes it as stunning at night as it is in the day - if not more so.
Our services and products allow you to opt for fantastic landscape garden lighting that we will happily install for you and we also have a consult and design service so that you and our designers can plan your dream garden. We provide design and installation services throughout Greater London and beyond so if you if you want to make the most of your property get in touch today
Blue light in the pool.

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Testing and Inspection

Periodic Inspection

The benefits of using London Electrical Installations

    3 Months guarantee on repairs 12 Months guarantee on installations We charge from the time of arrival Local and professional Electricians We operate 24 hours a day We cover all areas within the M25


What is a Testing and Inspection?
Burned out DBAn inspection and series of tests to make sure your electrical installation will continue to conform to the national safety standard. A Testing and To LetInspection will reveal if any of your electrical circuits or equipment are overloaded. Find any potential electric shock risks or fire hazards. Identify any defective electrical work. Highlight any lack of earthing or bonding.

Tests are also carried out on wiring and fixed electrical equipment to check that it is safe. A schedule of circuits will also be provided, which is invaluable for a property.

Why is a Testing and Inspection needed?
Electrics deteriorate with use and age - and electricity can be deadly. So it’s vital that people are’t put at risk.
How often is a Testing and Inspection required?man with a tick
Your electrics should be tested every:

    10 years for a home. 5 years for a business. 3 years for caravans. 1 year for swimming pools.

Other instances when a Testing and Inspection should be carried out are
When a property is being prepared to be let.
Before selling a property or when buying a previously occupied property.

Who should do it and what happens?
. The inspection should meet BS 7671 – Requirements for Electrical Installations (IEE Wiring Regulations). That’s the technical name for the 850 regulations that are checked in this test.

    The inspection takes into account all the relevant circumstances and includes the following RCD
    The adequacy of earthing and bonding.bonding The suitability of the switch and control gear. For example an old fusebox with a wooden back, cast-iron switches, or a mixture of both will need replacing. The serviceability of switches, sockets and light fittings. All of these may need replacing: older round-pin sockets, round light switches, cables with fabric coating hanging from ceiling roses to light fittings, black switches and sockets mounted in skirting boards. The type of wiring system and its condition. For example cables coated in black rubber were phased out in the 1960s, likewise cables coated in lead or fabric are even older and may well need replacing (modern cables use safer PVC insulation). That residual current devices are used for sockets that may be used with outdoor electrical equipment. The presence of adequate identification and notices. The extent of any wear and tear, damage or other deterioration. The changes in use of the premises which have led to, or may lead to, problematic wiring.



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Repairs and maintenance

Electrical Faults Are a Safety Hazard

Electrical faults are a health and safety hazard and could be putting your life in danger. Whether in the home or work environment, electrical faults put people at risk of electrocution and electrical fire. London Electrical Installations electricians are highly skilled in the practice of electrical fault finding and will locate your fault quickly and with minimal disruption to your routine.
Problems must be solved by replacing only defective equipment or components in the least amount of time. One of the most important factors in doing this, is the approach used. An expert troubleshooter uses a system or approach that allows them to logically and systematically analyze a circuit and determine exactly what is wrong.

If any of the list below happens often, it will need investigating
Loss of Supply
Tripping RCDs–?
Blown Fuses
Earth Fault?
A fuse tripped in the plug?
Fuse tripped in the fuse box?
Flickering lights or electrical appliances that come on intermittently?


We are currently looking after electrical sustainibility in a number of properties around London. If you are a Landlord and want to have a piece of mind regarding electricity in your properties please send us a line and we will be happy to discuss your needs.


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Door Entry Systems

Door entry access systems are a secure and convenient way to help control authorised access to your property and add value and safetydoor_entry

We specialize in audio and video door entry systems for businesses, homes, flats and buildings associations. With a wide range of security systems alongside experienced staff, we have a door entry system for any need and situation. All our systems and security services are suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Door Entry Systems to meet Every Need, Every Situation || single or multiple occupancy

Whether you are looking to protect your home or your business with a simple door entry system or if you would preferdoor_entry2r something that is more sophisticated, we offers a comprehensive service to meet every need and situation.

We offer a range of tailored door entry systems for domestic residences as well as commercial and larger properties.

Audio Door Entry Systems

Audio door entry systems allow audio confirmation of visitors and remote door control into a property. These systems have an electrical call sound, door release button, an outdoor station and an internal phone.

Video Door Entry Phones

Video door entry systems allow visual and audio confirmation of visitors and remote door access into the property, giving added security and peace of mind. We can use either a high definition CCTV camera or a pin hole camera on panel door entry panel. We offer a range of handset options

We provide a no obligation site survey to assess your exact door entry system requirements.

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arial_tv TV/FREEViEW

You might want to have other TV boxes around the house and in your rooms. Just with one aerial cable you can split and amplify the freeview signal and watch TV channels for free. Give us a call and you are on the way.....

Freeview is a Digital TV service that allows you to watch over 40 TV channels via your TV aerial. No dish required, no subscription, no ties, no contracts, and no installation costs.

    If you have other digital signal in the house you can:

    Connect your Sky box to a second TV with high-quality co-ax aerial cable, or.
    Connect your Sky box to a second TV with a wireless video sender, or.
    Get an extra Sky box for the second TV set

    Sky Digital:
     If you want a second Sky box, you’ll be wanting Sky Multiroom. This gives you a box in each room, each one cabled to your satellite dish. You will need a Multiroom subscription for each additional box

    JUST contact us to discuss your requirments

    Connecting via aerial cable to a TV in a different room:

    Co-axFor this option to work, your set-top box must have an RF aerial output socket (to accept a plug like the one pictured). Also, the set-top box must have something called a modulated output (which means it can re-transmit a signal to a second TV set). Boxes from Sky Digital, Virgin Media and BT Vision (grey models) have these, as do some Freeview boxes

    Virgin Media: You will need a second V Box

    BT Vision: You can’t have two BT Vision boxes connected to broadband at the same time, so getting a second BT Vision box won’t do you many favours. As BT Vision gets its live TV from Freeview, a second Freeview box may be all you need.




LAN, Internet and Telephone points

lan_routerDelivering network points around your house, into your rooms, adding extra line telephone sockets so that you can use computer, internet or a phone in almost any room

Network Socket Installation CAT5e CAT6 Cabling

With the expansion of super High speed & Fibre optic Broadband in homes and offices, you may find you need to share your Broadband Internet access with different computers or devices. We can install small or large networks that will link your computers through Cat5e or Cat6 cabling to your main router using High Speed Ethernet Switches & Network Hubs, allowing simultaneous use of your Broadband Internet connection any where in your home or office.

-Telephone Socket Installation & Phone Socket Installations

Installation of additional Telephone Extension, Telephone Sockets & Master Sockets for BT, Sky, Virgin Media, Tiscali, AOL, Talk Talk, Plus Net or any other service providers lines. New Telephone socket Installations, Telephone Socket faults and repairs on existing telephone sockets including telephone extension & master socket moves, relocates and additions for business and residential customers



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cctv-mobileLondon Electrical Installations undertakes any CCTV (closed circuit television) or video surveillance for both commercial or domestic properties.cctv_1

    CCTV provides a great deterrent against theft and burglary – high profile cameras and signage used well can reduce crime significantly.
    Record continuously on a standalone Digital Video Recorder – giving you peace of mind that any activity in and around your home is being recorded

    .Infra-red Night Vision – Many systems use IR night vision to record images from completely pitch black areas of your house – such as alleyways and yards.

    View on your iPhone/iPad – We can set your CCTV System to be viewed on your Smart Phone – Many of the systems are compatible with Smart Phones. If you’d like to view your CCTV footage through your phone, let us know to discuss it further.

. Closed Circuit Television systems are broadly divided into two known types:wired CCTV systems and wireless CCTV systems
Wired CCTV Systems
Wired CCTV systems connect the camera to the recording device and monitor with the help of standard coaxial cables or Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) cables or fiber optic cables.
The key advantages of wired CCTV systems are:
Provides the best picture quality with zero interference.
The camera can be located hundreds of meters away from the recording or monitoring equipment.
All sensors can be run from a single power supply

cctv_commercialThe key disadvantages are:
Cabling and installing can be a tedious task, requiring help from experts
Observation is fixed to a specific area and the camera cannot be easily moved to another location.
Overall, wireless cameras are relatively more expensive than traditional wired cameras. Wireless CCTV systems are a preferred choice in specific locations devoid of easy cabling facilities and for individuals requiring an easy-to-install solution. The wired CCTV system is a preferred choice when good picture quality and economy considerations gain precedence.
Wireless CCTV systems
Wireless CCTV systems are increasingly becoming a popular choice among CCTV buyers on account of the ease of installing such a system, lack of cabling requirements and assured mobility.
The key advantages are:
A wireless camera can be moved to other locations requiring observation while it is difficult to move a wired camera.
Best suited for locations requiring temporary observation or in a temporary location.
Wireless camera can be hidden to detect theft or pilferage
Wireless recording and monitoring device need not be in the same line of sight allowing observation of any place from another remote location.
Wireless systems are cost effective, re-deployable and portable.

At the same time, there are some disadvantages of wireless CCTV systems, which are listed below.

    cctv-bulletWireless systems require a dedicated frequency to transmit signals from the camera to the receiving and recording station. Frequencies may be subject to various interruptions by use of electric motored products, air conditioning, fluorescent lighting or cordless telephones which affect the picture quality. Wireless camera may not provide the best picture quality as such systems are susceptible to picture distortion while wired cameras provide relatively better picture quality. Wireless CCTV cameras may need electric power which implies a wire runs through the camera though the video connection is wireless. Wireless systems require wireless technology-specific expertise to diagnose and fix break downs in the system.

Domestic CCTV

    There are a wide variety of CCTV cameras suited to different purposes and budgets. Make sure that you take the following into account when choosing:
    Camera form and function? 
    The first thing is to decide where and how you want to position a camera and what you want sufficient coverage of. The most common types are a fixed bullet or dome camera, suitable for both indoor & outdoor use (weatherproof) with discreet styling. Other cameras provide more advanced functions such as remote pan/tilt/zoom control while smaller hidden cameras are suited to catching thieves indoors.

    Analogue or Network IP camera? Analogue cameras have been around for years and are now very affordable. The main difference when it comes to performance is that IP cctv domesticcameras are capable of providing an image with greater detail (Mega pixel IP cameras). However with increased resolution is increased cost and for small business/home use if you require a multi-camera system that is suitable for indoors & outdoors with night vision, then an analogue system will offer sufficient monitoring and recording capabilities at a very affordable price.

    If you require only a single camera to monitor/record through your local PC network (router) or wish to monitor multiple locations via the internet then this is where IP cameras can be more cost effective as they do not require a DVR to do this.
    CCD/CMOS sensor & resolution? A camera with a CCD sensor generally produces a better image with a higher resolution. Analogue camera resolution is measured in TV Lines (TVL). 420TVL and above is ideal with 600TVL being about the most you can benefit from with a standard monitor. 420TVL equates to about 500 x 582 pixels. Pixels is the digital resolution measurement used with IP cameras. Lens, viewing angle and vari-focal cameras: The lens determines the viewing angle and zoom of the camera. Typical fixed lens cameras provide around a 50 degree viewing angle, however wider angle options are available which are a little more 'zoomed out'.

    A vari-focal camera provides an adjustable lens enabling you to perfectly alter the angle, zoom and focus on install

    Colour/Black & White? Nearly all cameras provide a full colour image and revert to black and white for low light/infrared viewing

    Night time viewing with infra red? Many cameras come equipped with a ring of infra red LEDs enabling black and white viewing in complete darkness.  Night vision capabilities vary as some cameras are able to see much further than others, ranging from 5m to 50m

    Audio? If you require audio capabilities, certain models do come with an integrated microphone. However a separate/discreet microphone is often used.

    Wired/Wireless? Wireless cameras provide a quick and easy solution without the signal wires. The problem with analogue wireless though is the susceptibility to interference. However newer models are now interference free (such as the Swann ADW range) although the image quality is not too good and suitable for general observation and low risk applications only. More expensive wireless IP cameras are the only way to achieve good quality interference free wireless CCTV coverage.

Burglar Alarms

You're less likely to become a victim of burglary if you have a well-fitted and maintained burglar alarm system,

Intruder Alarms, Burglar Alarms, House Alarms, Security Alarms… Whatever you wish to call them, our alarm systems will enable you to have the peace of mind you and your family need.

b_alarmThe best type of alarm for your home depends on your personal preferences, your budget, where you live, what your home is like and what level of protection you need. A key consideration is what you would prefer to happen when your alarm goes off. Bells-only alarms make a noise, but don't contact anyone (such as the police or the homeowner). A speech dialer system meanwhile, automatically contacts you or other nominated friends and family when the alarm is triggered.


Hard wired alarm systems are generally considered more robust, reliable and require less maintenance. A hard wired alarm system would usually be installed by a professional to hide the cables, thus increasing the installation cost.

The installation of a hard wired alarm system should meet with British Standard 4737/BS EN 50131 and conform to the ACPO Intruder Alarm Policy. Ensure this is documented in your quotation should your chosen alarm company suggest a wired home alarm system.

are easier and less disruptive to install. There's no need to lift carpets to run cables under floor boards, move furniture or drill holes through walls. This generally reduces the installation cost compared to a hard wired system. Wireless alarms are also portable, so can be removed temporarily for decorating or permanently if you decide to move home.

Speech dialer  A speech dialer (also called text alert), is a device built into or connected to a wired or wireless alarm. The idea is that when the alarm goes off, the speech dialer will call or text a set of phone numbers of your choice, for example family members or your mobile, until it gets an answer or can leave an automated message.  This can be a good alternative to a professional monitoring service (see below), as a professional service involves monthly fees. Speech dialers are usually free as they are built into the alarm, so they just need to be activated or connected to the phone line. 

Different Types of Burglar Alarms

burglar_sensorFinding the right burglar alarm for your home can be a complicated matter; there are so many different types of alarm systems available today. You also need to be aware that police response to activated alarms may vary according to which alarm you choose. 
Here are the different types of alarms, explained: Bell only alarms – this is a basic alarm which will give out a siren when it is triggered. The sound which is released is important in scaring away a burglar, alerting anyone in the building and drawing attention to your home. However, bell only alarms are not programmed to send out a police signal.

Monitored alarms – these alarms allow you to preset one or several contact telephone numbers to be dialed via digicom once an intruder is detected.

Wired alarm systems – wired alarms are programmed internally and comply with British Standard 4737/BS EN 50131 as they cannot be tampered with.

Wireless alarm systems – a wireless alarm can be used with a remote control for a very simple setup. Wireless alarms have come a long way since they were first developed and some are now advanced enough to function as a complete home management system, offering both security and fire alarm solutions.

Dummy alarm – properties fitted with an alarm are less likely to become targets so even if you can’t afford to fit a complete home management system just yet, a dummy alarm can act as a great deterrent.  This option is much more cost effective than the others but will not offer you the peace of mind that a complete alarm system does.

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Fire Alarms

Domestic Fire Alarms Categories

You are more than twice as likely to die in a fire at home if you haven't got a smoke alarm. A smoke alarm is the easiest way to alert you to the danger of fire, giving you precious time to escape. 

.How many smoke alarms do you need?

It is a recommendation by BS 5839: Pt.6: 2013 that a new build property with no more than 3 floors (less than 200sqm per floor) needs to be fitted in with a LD2 System , Grade D.

In Scotland, England and Wales. Building Regulation has recommended that BS 5839: PT6.should only be followed as a minimum. LD1 System, Grade D should be installed.

In Northern Island Building Regulations have stated that a LD2 system, Grade D should be installed. Escape routes, the kitchen and then main living room should be installed with Smoke Alarms.

The BS 5839: Pt.6. gives out grades to different alarm types to help define which alarm type is needed for a situation.

LD2 refers to the number of alarms to be fitted in the property. There are three categories to domestic type protection, LD2 being one of the three. Below are Diagrams and an explanation of the three categories and how and where you would use them in a single and multi storey dwelling. LD3 is the system with the least protection and LD1 being the highest

The different models available

A lot of people forget to check their smoke alarms, so the best choice of power supply is usually the one that lasts longest.

Standard-battery alarms
An ‘ionisation battery alarm’ is the cheapest and most basic smoke alarm available. An ‘optical battery alarm’ is a little more expensive. Both run off 9-volt batteries.

Battery alarms with an emergency light
These come fitted with an emergency light which comes on when the alarm is triggered. They are particularly suitable if someone in your house has hearing difficulties.

Alarms with 10-year batteries
These are slightly more expensive, but you save on the cost of replacing batteries. They are available as ionisation or optical alarms and are fitted with a long-life lithium battery or a sealed power pack that lasts for 10 years.

Models with a ‘hush’ or ‘silence’ button
Some models are available with a 'hush' button which will silence the alarm for a short time. This can be used when cooking, for example. If there is a real fire, giving off lots of smoke, the hush system is overridden and the alarm sounds. These models will continue to remind you they have been silenced by 'chirping' or by displaying a red light.

Mains-powered alarms
These are powered by your home’s electricity supply and need to be installed by qualified electricians. There’s no battery to check, although they are available with battery back-up in case of a power cut.

Interconnecting or linked alarms
Some alarms can be connected to each other so that when one senses smoke, all the alarms in the property sound. They are useful for people with hearing difficulties and also in larger homes.

Mains-powered alarm with strobe light and vibrating pad
These are designed for people who are deaf or have hearing difficulties. If there’s a fire, the alarm alerts you with a flashing light and vibrating pad (which is placed beneath your pillow).

Mains-powered alarm which plugs into a light socket
This type of alarm uses a rechargeable battery that charges up when the light is switched on. It lasts for 10 years and can be silenced or tested by the light switch.

Maintaining your smoke alarm

To keep your smoke alarm in good working order, you should:

test it once a week, by pressing the test button until the alarm sounds

change the battery once a year (unless it’s a ten-year alarm)

replace the whole unit every ten years

For further information on Smoke Alarms, please contact London electrical Inspection & Tes

Smoke detectors and alarms

Properly installed smoke detectors/alarm will detect smoke from a fire and set off an alarm that will then warn of a fire and possible save lives. There are two types of smoke alarm:

Ionisation Alarms.
 These detect all types of smoke that contain small particles, but they respond most rapidly to smoke caused by fires such as a chip pan fire.

The detector in these alarms consists a small amount of radioactive material that detects any invisible smoke particles that are floating in the air. When particles in the smoke are detected, the alarm is set off.

Optical Alarms. 
These detect all types of smoke, but are ideal for smoke with larger particles, such as burning furniture. In this alarm regular pulses of Ultra Violet light are sent to a detector, if the light is prevented from reaching the detector, the alarm will sound.


    Some mains powered detectors are housed in the ceiling rose of ordinary lights (as shown right). This makes them rather unobtrusive. ceiling smoke detectorMost have some form of alarm that indicates when the battery needs replacing. Some have alarms that indicate when the sensor needs cleaning. Some alarms (specifically designed for kitchens) have a silencer that stops the alarm operating for about eight minutes while cooking. During this time they emit an intermittent bleep to indicate that the alarm has been silenced. Some alarms can be interconnected so that all of them will sound when any one alarm senses smoke. The alarm may have an emergency light which illuminates when the alarm goes off. The emergency light will help people escape.





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Install and Upgrade

UPGRADES coming soon




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Garden Lighting

Consult and Design
There are lots of garden lighting products on the market but without experience and expertise in garden lighting you might struggle to achieve the atmosphere you want to create. This is where our consult and design service could help. Our experienced and knowledgeable designers will visit you to discuss your desires and assess your property, so you can plan your garden lighting and end up with a striking and salubrious space. Whatever your garden lighting dreams we will be able to help you. Once an afterthought, gardens and garden lighting are now just as important to many homeowners as the interior of their home. 


  • Torches - Can help you plan your lighting and decide which spaces you want lit and whether you want up lighters or downlighters
  • Water lighting - This effect looks good, and if you have fish, they'll turn into colourful streaks of light, however it doesn't provide much functional light
  • Up lighting - These work well-positioned at the end of the garden shining onto the fence and make the space appear larger
  • Downlighting - Use these to pick out features such as a tree or place above a table to give you more light when you're eating
  • Shadowing - Put a light in front of a sculptural plant or object to create a dramatic look. The height of the light will make the shadow larger or smaller
  • Cross lighting - Two lights positioned at opposite ends of a feature will highlight it with a softening effect
  • Moonlighting - This gives a romantic effect by mounting a light in a tree so the foliage breaks up the light beams
  • Light washing - Position a light at the foot of a wall and it will gently wash over the nearest surface


rcd“All sockets must be RCD protected for safety. An RCD or residual current device works by switching off the flow of electricity when a cable or flex is cut, and should be hardwired to your fuse box. “Cables for fixed outdoor lighting installations must be buried at a sufficient depth to avoid damage from garden tools and should also be protected by an earthed metallic cover. This will require the electrician to dig a trench in the garden. Where possible lay piping or conduit for cables to pass underneath any hard landscaping. London Electrical Inspection & Testing can advise what to do if hard landscaping has already been laid. “Decorative lights plugged into an outdoor socket, should be taken inside after use unless the box states they are not designed to stay out all year round.”


Garden Lighting

Blue light in the poolWith our help you can transform your outdoor space into a beautiful,
Our services and products allow you to opt for fantastic landscape garden lighting that we will happily install for you and we also have a consult and design service so that you and our designers can plan your dream garden. We provide design and installation services throughout Greater London and beyond so if you if you want to make the most of your property get in touch today.

Pink poolConsult and Design

There are lots of garden lighting products on the market but without experience and expertise in garden lighting you might struggle to achieve the atmosphere you want to create. This is where our consult and design service could help. Our experienced and knowledgeable designers will visit you to discuss your desires and assess your property, so you can plan your garden lighting and end up with a striking and salubrious space. Whatever your garden lighting dreams we will be able to help you.

Garden Lighting - Beauty and Security

Nicely lit gardenThe two biggest benefits of garden lighting are beauty and security. A property is safer with garden lighting as it deters trespassers and potential thieves from coming anywhere near, and the aesthetic appeal of amazing lighting is great. With landscape garden lighting you can really highlight the features of your outdoor area, therefore enhancing your entire property. If you want to transform your garden into a magical starlit paradise, browse our services on the site and get in touch today.

Pond and Pool Lighting

There are a number of techniques used in Garden Lighting for lighting water features, ponds, pools and fountains. Underwater, accent and multi colored lights create dramatic and atmospheric garden lighting effects.
Underwater Pool and Fountain lighting creates dramatic effects in pools and at fountains. Install a dimmer, lighting controller, or colour changing to add excitement.
Note: Water may be used as a mirror by lighting the area behind the reflecting surface.
Balls in the pool

Garden Power

Getting power from the house to the garage, shed, water feature or just a weather proof socket is a popular request in our customers gardens. Contact us for for help and advice.



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